Disaster Management

The State Disaster Response and Fire Services Department, Telangana, Jagtial Division activities comprises of Prompt response to fire calls and other emergencies like floods, earthquakes, etc, issuance of No Objection Certificate for fire hazardous places, Basic Fire Prevention training to security personnel at Fire Hazardous places, Creation of public awareness on fire prevention for various sections of society, assistance and advice on conducting Fire Drills, providing awareness in public about the Fire Safety measures, providing standby fire safety arrangements at large gatherings by charging a nominal amount, providing the ambulance service for rushing the sick and the injured to hospitals at a nominal charge, to educate and train people in fire prevention and fire fighting, rescue persons involved in the emergency, strive to save life and property by going promptly to the spot of fire and promote interactions within the department to achieve high degree of Professional Excellence.

Contact Number: 087242 21101