As per G.O.Ms.No.226, Revenue (DA-CMRF) Department, Dated 11-10-2016, The Government of Telangana have issued notifications for formation /reorganization of Districts,  Divisions and Mandals in the State of Telangana.  As per Notification Jagtial District was formed on 11.10.2016 during reorganization of the Districts of Telangana State with a jurisdiction of (18) Mandals and (380) Revenue Vilalges. Population of the district is (10.00) lakhs.

            Prohibition and Excise Department in Jagtial District consists of (03) Proh. & Excise Stations i.e. Jagtial, Dharmapuri & Metpally and  (01) Dist. Task Force is headed by Proh.& Excise Inspector. All works under the supervision of the Dist. Proh.& Excise Officer.  The Dist. Proh. & Excise Office is situated at Dharoor Camp, Jagtial.

The main objective and goals of the Department are to control crimes of ID Liquor, Non Duty paid Liquor, Spurious Liquor and adulteration of toddy to safe guard the Government Revenue.

In Jagtial District total (64) A4 shops, (16) 2B Bars and (300) Toddy shops are functioning.

  1. License Fee / Excise Tax of A4 shops & 2B Bars ( in crores)
Year  A4 Shops 2B Bars
2015-16 27.89 4.55
2016-17 27.89 5.46
2017-18 31.20 6.30
2018-19 31.20 6.83
2019-20 36.20 6.83

  1 .Year wise Sale value of Liquor shops & 2B Bars :

Year   Sale Value (in Crores)
2016-17   337.16
2017-18  417.17
2018-19  482.24
  • Ex-Gratia :

It will be given to the toddy tappers who fell down from a Toddy / Sendhi Tree while engaged in tapping , there are (03) categories of Ex-Gratia i.e. Death, Permanent Disability and Temporary Disability.  From the year 2014 to December 2019 total Rs.  177.60 Lakhs  are given as Ex-Gratia to 284  toddy tappers.


            In Jagtial District, the Govt. of Telangana has sanctioned Gudumba rehabilitation for [159] beneficiaries for an amount of 318.00 Lakhs under Gudumba Effected Persons Rehabilitation Scheme (GEPRS).

  1. TKHH : From 2016 to 2019 total 26,45,000 Eetha / Khajur saplings are planted under EGS / Non EGS Jagtial District.