Chief Planning Office

Agriculture Statistics:


Everyday rainfall measured @ 8.30 A.M. by Deputy Tahsildar in each Mandal and noted in the Tahsil Office.
The MPSO concerned will report the daily rainfall to the district office.
At the district level every day the analysis of rainfall will be taken up and communicated regularly to the Directorate and concerned Officers.


Collects Rainfall, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Pressure, Humidity and Temperature in addition it also measures Global radiation and soil moisture at desired location at every one hour interval and transmits it in the form of SMS using GSM technology.
The data is being used by stake holders for proper planning and implementation of varies government programs and schemes. AWS data is also being used by Agriculture Insurance Company of India for implementation of Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) for various crops in the districts.

Seasonal Conditions:

All MPSOs of the Mandals will prepare Weekly (Every Wednesday)and Monthly report on seasonal conditions on (a) rainfall (b) Area sown particulars up to the reporting week (c) information on public health, condition of cattle, availability of drinking water (d)availability of food grains and fodder.

Cropped area particulars:

Collection of area sown figures of all food and non-food crops for preparation of Agricultural Abstracts for (2) seasons i.e., Kharif and Rabi.
Area sown particulars used for collection of Farm Harvest prices during peak harvesting season from all mandals in the district.

Timely Reporting of Agricultural Statistics (TRAS):

Under TRAS every year 20% of villages to be selected in each Mandal and the same communicated to the concerned mandals.
In the selected villages cropped area particulars should be furnished in the pahanies by the AEOs and furnish in the TRAS cards.
In the scheme (4) TRAS cards consisting of all crops area sown figures of current year and previous year for both seasons collected and submitted to DE&S.