Agriculture Department




AGROS Bhavan,Karimnagar Road,

JAGTIAL-505327, Telangana State


Description About Agriculture Department and Activities Extension (Regular):

 Jagtial district is situated is Northern Telangana zone of Telangana state, endowed with rich natural resources for agriculture.

  • The district comprises of 18 mandals with 3 Agriculture divisions  viz
  • The Jagtial Agriculture division is headed by Assistant Director of Agriculture, Jagtial with 8 mandals Jagtial (U), Jagtial (Rural), Raikal, Sarangapur, Beerpur, Mallial and Kodimial.
  • The Dharmapuri Agriculture division is headed by Assistant Director of Agriculture, Dharmapuri with 5 mandals Dharmapuri, Buggaram, Pegadapalli, Gollapalli and Velgatur.
  • The Korutla Agriculture division is headed by Assistant Director of Agriculture, Korutla and located at Metpalli with 5 Mandals Korutla, Metpalli, Mallapur, Ibrahimpatnam, Medipalli and Kathalapur
  • Each Asst Director of Agriculture (R) supported by a Mandal Agriculture officer in each mandal and a Agriculture Extension officer for every 5000 acres

    Services Provided by Department of Agriculture

Services provided by Department of Agriculture can be broadly classified as under

  1. Input supplying services
  2. Quality control of inputs
  • Extension services
  1. Other activities

 Input Supplying Services

Agriculture Department assesses the requirement of inputs like seed, Fertilizer, insecticides, credit requirements and makes necessary arrangements for supply of inputs. Farm implements are also supplied under Farm mechanization scheme.

Quality Control Sevices

Agriculture officers and above cadre officers are notified as Seed, Fertilizer and Insecticides inspectors as per the different G.Os and they perform the duties of Seed, Fertilizer and insecticides inspectors. The main functions are periodic inspections of the input outlets and implementation of the different provisions of the statutes.

Extension Services

  1. Agriculture department organizes demonstration of improved technologies, conducts Trainings to improve crop production and to reduce cost of cultivation.
  2. Making extensive field visits and ensure production of the crop as per the recommended package of practices.
  • Diagnosing the pest and disease and suggest remedial measures which include forecast of outbreak of pest and disease on various crops.
  1. Based on the Government policies and existing market situations and seasonal conditions advisories are provided to the farmers on what type of crops to be cultivated.

Some of the important schemes that are under implementation are 

  1. Soil Health card scheme
  2. Subsidy seed distribution
  • Seed Village program & Certified Seed production
  1. National Food Security Mission
  2. Area Development under NMSA
  3. Monitoring of Fertilizer distribution.
  • Rythu Bandhu
  • Rythu Bima
  1. Rythu Vedhika
  2. ATMA
  3. Natural Calamities

Other Activities

  1. Assessment and payment of input subsidy in case of Natural calamity
  2. Co- ordination with bankers and notified Insurance company in Crop insurance
  • Ensuring institutional credit to the farmer
  1. Crop cutting experiment in co-ordination with Directorate of Economics and Statistics
  2. Agriculture Statistics in co-ordination with Chief Planning officer
  3. Joint Azomaish in co-ordination with Revenue and irrigation
  • All other miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Higher Authorities 

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