Survey and Land Department

Survey & Land Records

Brief History Of Survey Department : 

Survey and Land Records is one of the oldest department after the Revenue Department, established in year 1978.  The department established in the ruling period of Nizam Kind Sir Salarjung.  Purpose of establishing department is to conduct detailed land survey to know each Royts, how much the land he was cultivating and classification of  land to fix up taxes.  In the period of 1900 to 1915 1st   Survey had been conducted, in the period of 1930 to 1950 2nd (Revision) survey conducted, from that time to till now we are using revision survey records.  In due course of time nearly 80% of records are got toned condition.  To proper monitoring of land records it is required to conduct resurvey of entire lands with updated technology.

Duties :

            Duties of our Department is to maintain Land Records, re fix the missing survey stones, Patta and Govt. land sub Division work, incorporation of changes in Land Records.

Issues in deploying duties :

            We are using old technology by doing survey with chains and we can conduct survey only in summer season (4 months in a calendar year), in crop season Royts are not accept chain survey in fields.  So for the above reasons lot of demarcation pendency accumulated in Tahsil offices.  Due to urbanization the land values are raised and land owners are filing more petitions to know their land extents.  But our surveyors (by using chain survey) are not in a position to solve those issues in stipulated time.  In assignment, Govt. distributed lakhs of acres of Govt. land to the land less persons at the time of 1st phase to 7th phase.  Survey is the key roll in land distribution but lack of survey using methods till now No. of assignees are roaming at Revenue offices to show the boundaries of their lands, proper sub division if not done by the surveyors the assignees are may get problems on field, in land acquisition work lakhs of acres of land was acquired by the Govt. for construction of irrigation projects, roads and other development works.  From location work to post award cases (Incorporation changes) work, department has to take care for speedy and accuracy work to be done.  But using chain survey and surveyors having low technology skills it becomes difficult to achieve speedy and accuracy work.                                                                                                                 

Plans to improve the service capacity :

            We are not to escape by telling issues like old record, using survey with chains and survey to be only in summer season / plane area not in crop / bushes area.  We are capable, if, Government can enable to give technical support by providing GPS, ETS and DGPS instruments, we can do survey throughout the year with speedy land accuracy disposal of Royts petitions / Government related works.  Survey staff needed training on Auto CAD technology to draw all the maps in CAD software only.  Because it helps to speedy, accuracy work and kept as permanent record as softcopy.  If the above things may get in reality, that may lead to create a way to conduct resurvey of entire lands in Jagtial District.  As per now a days requirement we have to change our department pattern to fix the boundaries to land planning sector that can help to all other departments who works on land.


Name of the District Total No. of villages Village Maps FMBs/Tippans RSR / Sethwars
Total  Available Missing Scanned % of missing Total  Available Missing Scanned % of missing Total  Available Missing Scanned % of missing
1 Jagtial 286 286 271 15 6% 1,57,602 97,015 60,587 62% 286 246 40 246 14%