Marketing D.Prakash DMO



  • In Jagtial District having (13) Agril.Market Committees namely 1.Jagtial, 2.Metpally, 3.Korutla, 4.Gollapally, 5.Dharmapuri, 6.Mallial, 7.Kathalapur, 8. Medipally, 9.Mallapur, 10. Ibrahimpatnam, 11. Pegadapally, 12.Raikal, and 13.Velgatoor.
  • Paddy, Maize & Turmaric are the major arrivals into the Agril.Market Committees of Jagtial District.
  • Target was not fixed by Director of Marketing for the financial year 2020-21 and Rs.1302.49 Lakhs Market Fees has been collected up to the end of June, 2020.
  • Farmer welfare schemes such as Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bheema Pathakam are implementing by the Agril.Market Committees in the District.
  • Insurance has been done to Market functionaries of Agril.Market Committees in the District.
  • All the required equipments such as Digital Moisture Meters, Tarpaulins, and Electronic weighing scales/Weigh Bridges and Paddy Cleaners are provided to all the Agril.Market Committees in the District.
  • To create awareness among farming community about Minimum support price and FAQ spectifications pamphlets, Posters were printed and distributed to all AMCs. in the District in the mandal and village level.
  • (172) of IKP paddy procurement centers, (217) Nos. of PACS Total (389) Nos paddy procurement centers are opened for procurement of Paddy and (29) Nos of Markfed Maize Centers in the Rabhi marketing season 2020 by the Government agencies in the Jagtial District.
  • Paddy Purchased in Rabhi 2020 44,65,607.00 Quintals and Benefitted Farmers 81,465 Nos.
  • Maize Purchased in Rabhi 2020 2,12,848.50 Quintals and Benefitted Farmers 6,123 Nos.
  • 100% Electronic Weighment has been implementing by all Agril.Market Committees in the District for accurate weighment of the Agriculture produce.
  • In Jagtial District Total existing AMCs. godowns are 23 Nos. with 29,300 MTs. capacity.
  • (12) Nos. NABARD Godowns with 55,000 MTs. capacity with an estimated cost of Rs.3250.00 Lakhs were sanctioned.
  • (12) Nos. NABARD Godowns with 47,500 MTs, capacity and an estimated cost of Rs.2850.00 were completed and all are in utilization and (2) Nos. Nabard godowns wih capacity 7500 MTs. and estimated cost is 450.00 Lakhs constructional works are in progress.

e-National Agriculture Marketing (e-NAM):-

  • Three (3) Agril.Market Committees namely 1. Jagtial 2.Metpally and 3.Gollapall among (13) AMCs in the District were selected by the Govt. of India for implementation of e-Nam.
  • All necessary arrangements were made in (03) e-Nam Market for successful implementation of the e-Nam.